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Have you been blessed by our ministry? It is because others have already invested in our ministry, that we are able to provide you with free resources, and that we are able to bring help to couples, and singles, serving God all around the world.

The family unit is an essential part of society. If it breaks, a chain reaction begins that will destroy families, children, and then society. This is why it is important to us to help everyone re-establish God's plan for couples and families. Our French background, experience as parents of five sons, missionary work in Asia, and years spent as pastors in France, all contribute to our unique perspective.

Marriage is the foundation of our society...


"We came to Eric and Rachel for counseling feeling tired and hopeless. After years in missions we felt lost and alone and like our marriage was falling apart emotionally.

There was an atmosphere of love and understanding. There was no room for judgement but instead room for tears, sharing of painful issues and also joking and laughter.

The counseling that took place was very professional and helped us to carefully navigate through pain into a new page in our marriage. Loving support, wisdom and knowledge were topped with personal experience from Rachel and Eric. They skillfully chose the right tools that we need to sort out and process our problems. Overall we were left with the feeling that they have a variety of tools that can be used and tailored according to different situations and couples. 

Most importantly this time facilitated God’s process in our lives. It did not only focus on our problems but helped to see a deeper purpose of God for our life. Eric and Rachel are truly changing lives of people at the 'forefront'."

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Through our ministry, we offer a comprehensive range of services in many areas including: prevention, intensive couples therapy, pastoral care, spiritual and emotional healing, restoration, conflict resolution amidst teams, mentoring, etc.

We provide marriage counseling, and individual counseling, to Christian leaders (pastors, missionaries, and leaders of Christian organizations) all around the world, whether they are single or married, that are going through periods of transition, spiritual search, or are in crisis. We offer week-long intensives to struggling couples, as well as conferences all around the world, where we talk openly, without taboos, about God, ministry, sex, and family.