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What Are Your Heart Desires?

January 13, 20226 min read

Today, I want to give you a challenge that is similar to a new year’s resolution and also a check-in with God. I would like for you to read Psalms 37:4 with me: “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” You can also read Psalm 20:4, which is in the same train of thought.

I came to realize that when I was sending out birthday wishes or New Year wishes, I always add the following sentence: “May God give you what your heart desires.”

I really love this sentence, this notion, and this thought. I think that in the times we are living, in the end times, everyone will receive what their heart truly desires. I earnestly pray that God gives you the desires of your heart.

I believe that it is worth it to hit pause and think about what your heart truly desires - since we are wishing each other good wishes, a happy new year, good health, may the best be for you, etc. However, what is the best for my life and what is the best for your life?

I would like to challenge you with a simple challenge - which is to take the time to think about this. What does my heart truly desire?

Are the desires of my heart aligned with the desires that God has for my life? Are my plans aligned with His plans? I have already said this, and I’m sure you have heard it before, pray that your plans succeed, this is good. I believe that God wants to bless our plans, bless our lives, bless our families, etc. However, it is even more important to pray to know God's plans, to enter into them, so that they are automatically blessed.

This new year I think it's important to check that the desires of our hearts are aligned with God's desires for our lives.

We all hope that the year 2022 will bring changes from the year 2021, perhaps that the masks will be finished, that this pandemic will be controlled, or even stopped, and that we can move on to something else, etc. What is that something else? What comes next? I believe that we make mistakes sometimes and we can confuse our desires for God’s desires. This is when we can have disappointments. When we pursue our desires and when we are not certain that God agrees with us.

I received some super-cute thank you cards, as a gift. I don’t write, often, on paper. These cards have the Eiffel Tower on them. They also have little hearts on them and they are very girly. I also received some cute pens and a pretty box to put them in. Since I don’t really use pen and paper, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to use these gifts. So, I am going to spend some time with God this week and reflect with Him on what are the important things for my life and my heart, in 2022? What do I need to accomplish? What is God asking of me? What do I not want to miss this year?

There are practical things I need to take care of this year like taking an important test. It’s actually important for our ministry so that we can resume our travels, etc. So, I need to study in order to pass the test. This is a short term goal. It’s a short term goal that I absolutely need to complete! I believe that this is also in God’s plans. So, I am going to write it down, “Pass the test”. I will also write down a deadline. All these steps are helping to ensure that I actually study and pass this test.

I might also have some other projects or resolutions. One of them is working out 30 minutes every other day. I am going to write that down too. 

Another project will be to plan time during the year to take time off. I am sharing one of my weaknesses with you. I need to plan enough breaks so that Eric and I can recharge, and make it through the year. So, I am going to make a note, with deadlines, and regularly check my progress.

Some other goals are to develop more friendships, pursue a new hobby, find a new interest, read a new book, develop a certain character trait, etc.

One of my favorite yearly goals is to follow a new Bible plan. I like to change up how I read the Bible every year. There are a lot of different options. There are many methodologies, either chronological, or with all the books of the Bible, or we focus on a book, on a theme, or on a character, etc.

Taking time to ask God to give you a word that is going to be the guiding word for 2022 is another good idea. It could also be a concept, a phrase, or a verse. One of our sons, with his wife, does this and God gives them a word every year, and every year it’s confirmed!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on finding what your heart truly desires. You can also write things down in a book, or in a journal. I will be using these cute cards with little hearts on them, the pens, and the cute box I received. They are all on my nightstand.

You can also use a chart. Some people like to do goal charts. It can be in a notebook. It can be in your phone. You have lots of options!

Also, think about using a “container” to put your goals in. This can be helpful to make it practical and something that makes you want to return to it. Think about the “content”. What do you want to put in it?

So, here is my challenge for this week! Spend some time with God to determine the objectives of your heart, and then align them with Him. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Then, find the “container”. Think about the tool you are going to use to be able to make a list, to write down your objectives, and be able to revise them later. Now pray for the “content”. What are the areas that you want to put in this treasure box or on this board that will be in front of your eyes?

In December 2022, God willing, we will meet again to talk about it, take stock of it, and I will invite you to look back at your words. We will see what has been put in place and what God has accomplished this year. You will see that there will be plenty of things to rejoice about. May He give you what your heart desires!

I want to pray with you:

Lord, thank you for your faithfulness in 2021, and I know that you will be faithful, again, in 2022. Lord, may our projects, and our desires, be aligned with Yours, so that we enter into the plans that You have for our lives. Thank you Lord for blessing each of my friends, my sisters, who are reading this now. Lord, may You make obvious the things You want to emphasize in 2022, for each of us, so that we do not miss the mark of what You want for our lives in 2022.

Thank you Lord. Amen.

All my best wishes! 

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Rachel Miquel Dufour

Rachel Miquel Dufour is a counselor, speaker, pastor, therapist, and renown international sexologist. As she travels the world, she interacts with women whose faulty understanding of sexuality imprisons them and she then leads them to a place of empowerment and freedom. Her French background, experience as a mother of five sons, missionary work in Asia, the years she spent as a pastor in France, and her experience as a therapist, all contribute to her unique perspective. She and her husband, Eric, are the founders of Serving Alongside Ministry (SAM), an organization providing counseling and support to Christian leaders all over the globe. Rachel is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry in Counseling with Vision International University in Ramona, California.

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