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Sharing Your Faith With Your Children

June 20, 20212 min read

Raising our children in faith has been one of our greatest privileges. Our sons are all men today. Our prayer, even before they were born, was that Christ could always be at the center of their lives.

If you have children, we want to encourage you to be very intentional to accomplish the greatest of all the missions that God has entrusted to you: be the ones to bring their hearts to Him. 

Babies are born innocent, without knowledge of good and evil. A crying newborn never does it maliciously. He, or she, expresses a need, or pain.

Then the child grows. Between the ages of four and six, depending on the child's maturity, the awareness of good and evil sets in.

We lived it with our five sons. Around the same time, for each of them, in life, the questions surrounding death intensified. The fear of the uncertainty of life after death had become a reality. Sometimes nightmares accompanied this awakening.

Eric and I were praying throughout this precious moment. We were attentive to their questions and observations.

Inevitably, one after the other, they came to me, their hearts heavy, tears in their eyes, expressing this fear of death that had invaded them for some time. They were ready to hear about the salvation Christ acquired personally, on the cross, for them!

Our God does not have grandchildren, but children who choose Him freely, without being forced or coerced.

I took them each on my knees to share with them, as simply as possible, these liberating words: 

"You are growing up my son and you have just become aware that sin is attached to your heart. It’s sin that separates us from God. But you have the choice: Jesus, whom you've heard about your whole life, is truly the son of God. He didn't want you, sweetheart, to be separated from the Father. So, He chose to give His life for you, to pay the price of your salvation by dying on the cross, for you. You have the choice to accept Jesus as your Savior. You just have to talk to Him, just you and Him. Tell Him that you recognize that your heart has sinned, that you need Him, that you want to choose Him as your Savior and that you want Him to come into your heart."

Of course, your child's walk with God is just beginning, but it is the first step...

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Rachel Miquel Dufour

Rachel Miquel Dufour is a counselor, speaker, pastor, therapist, and renown international sexologist. As she travels the world, she interacts with women whose faulty understanding of sexuality imprisons them and she then leads them to a place of empowerment and freedom. Her French background, experience as a mother of five sons, missionary work in Asia, the years she spent as a pastor in France, and her experience as a therapist, all contribute to her unique perspective. She and her husband, Eric, are the founders of Serving Alongside Ministry (SAM), an organization providing counseling and support to Christian leaders all over the globe. Rachel is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry in Counseling with Vision International University in Ramona, California.

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