Developing a Healthy Marriage

Learn to Communicate Better So You Can Love Each Other Better!


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11 Keys to Better Communication

Mastering this skill is essential to a healthy and fulfilled relationship.

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Must-Have Components of a Healthy Sex-Life 


Was sex a taboo in your home?

Learn how to have a fulfilled sexuality before and during your marriage by letting go of all inhibitions, embarrassment, guilt or shame.

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Communicate better to love each other better! 


Yes, it is possible to remain in love with the same person your whole life! Take a look at how you communicate to learn more about your relationship.


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Our Children's Education and Taboos

How do we talk to our children about sex? How do we talk to them about God?

In our current society, it is difficult to know how to share our Christian values with our children, but it is possible!


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How to Live Free of an Addiction


Are you struggling against an addiction to food like anorexia, bulimia or maybe an overweight without success? We want to tell us it is possible to get out! You are not alone in this.


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We can help you base your relationship on a foundation that is healthy, alive, and balanced!



Start with our FREE eBook on how to transform your communication as a couple. Then, you can go on to learn how to make your marriage thrive by following the steps in our course bundle "Developing a Healthy Marriage":

  • How to discover your spouses needs (and still have your needs met)
  • The best communication style that will leave both of you feeling heard and respected
  • How to live a fully satisfying sexual life with your spouse
  • Practical steps to building your relationship on Biblical principles 
  • How to delight in your relationship, even through the storms and struggles of life

Marriage and family counseling is our life's calling. We've helped countless couples (all over the world) transform their marriages and we want to show YOU exactly how to do it!

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