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Discover the tools to transform your marriage into a solid and fulfilling relationship

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Discover the keys to building a happy marriage!

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Discover God's purpose for your marriage and practical ways to keep your love alive!

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Eric & Rachel Dufour

We are pastors, missionaries, marriage and family therapists, and international speakers. Rachel is also a sex therapist. 

We have been helping couples, families and individuals all over the globe for the past thirty years, bringing people hope and practical tools in order to transform and restore their most intimate relationships.


Here's a few testimonials from

couples we have helped... 

This course was very clear and enriching! There were several areas in our relationship where we were practicing avoidance, whether because of awkwardness, shame or fear. With Eric and Rachel's guidance we dove into ALL of those areas, and the results have been wonderful. I have a new excitement to shepherd my wife’s heart, to develop relating to her on the emotional level and with pure transparency. And we have a real action plan to make it work!
Happy Husband
“Thank you Eric & Rachel for sharing your gracious wisdom & guidance with us. We take away such valuable tools not only for ourselves and our marriage but into our ministry which in turn will multiply into many other marriage relationships all over the world. Know that God is using you in a mighty way. 


International church leaders require unique member care. They are neither national church leaders nor missionaries. They are peculiar and require needs that necessitate expert insight. Eric and Rachel are tri-cultural, credentialed and have pastored an intervention congregation. You will be amazed how much they can assist and empower you.
Warren & Debbie Reeve, founders of Mission International Church Network (MICN)
We felt that a new season in our life was coming. We had more responsibilities and more opportunities to impact people. We wanted to be sure our relationship had the foundation it needed to be ready for all these changes. The Dufours listened to us closely and gave us the keys to unlock strength to make it through crisis situations and to deal with the areas in our marriage we could barely even speak about.  We are now much stronger! 
David & Helene Bonhomme
“Eric and Rachel Dufour are excellent counselors. They gave us relevant tools to better understand each other. They are a real blessing for us and our family, and we are sure they will be for you too. Thank you, Eric and Rachel, for all you are and do!”
Eric & Muriel Celerier

Our transformation story


We've seen this same scenario over and over again...

At the beginning of marriage, couples are passionately in love, but as the years go by and children arrive, they often come close to the breaking point.

We experienced this sad truth in our own marriage.

We were only newlyweds when we became parents of five children. At the same time, we took on more and more responsibilities; we were teachers, pastors, missionaries, and therapists. Adding to all of this, sickness invited itself into our lives.

We can affirm that we have been severely tested and that our relationship has sometimes paid the price! Many times we felt an imbalance had settled between the two of us and we had to redefine our roles, often feeling like we were losing all control of the situation.

But these were the moments when we turned to God for help to try to understand the why behind all of this.

We were suffering and felt stuck in our situation, yet we really wanted our marriage to be a source of comfort and fulfillment!

We were missing something. 

We needed help...


from qualified counselors but we did not receive the help we needed because it didn't exist in the Christian french speaking world!

We came to realize that simply praying more, as we were told to do, was just not enough. So we cried out to God.

With His help, we somehow managed to survive even without the counsel we so desperately needed.

After a long couple years, we came out of this dark season because of a divine appointment. 

The catalyst for change


came thanks to a divine appointment with a married couple that were Christian counselors

They enabled us to equip ourselves with several keys to better communication and a fuller understanding of one another.

Shortly after this, we realized we were not the only ones suffering in silence. 

The impact of the help we received through counseling was so powerful to our marriage and the transformation so profound that we wanted to share these keys with others!

One thing led to another and in 2008, by faith and without any financial or moral support, we moved to the United States to be trained to become marriage and family counselors.

Maybe you find yourself saying something like:


“But you don't understand how miserable we are! Is there any hope for our marriage to change?”


The answer is a resounding YES!

The saddest thing would be to give up.

The devil wants us to believe that there is no hope, that it is over and impossible. But with God everything is possible!

Don’t let divorce slowly become an option. Don’t move forward with these thoughts and believe the illusion that divorce will “fix” the situation. Divorce can only provide temporary relief.

In many cases the problems your couple are facing are just temporary. The devastation from divorce would be permanent, devastating your children, those around you and your very soul.

On the other hand, accepting to get help, examine your own heart and let God change what He wants to change in you, will prepare you for a full and meaningful married life!

We (Eric & Rachel) have seen this happen hundreds of times, even in the most horrific situations including, adultery, violence, betrayal and lies...

We are convinced that there is hope for your relationship!

Yes, help me find true hope for my marriage!
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 We've discovered there are a lot of myths
around marriage. 


Myth #1: I have a right to be happy and my spouse is responsible for making me so! 

What if we told you that happiness is built, step-by-step, with the two of you? 

Yes, it is possible to cultivate a loving, passionate relationship in marriage while navigating through the storms of family life.

Life often hurts us, but God has planned great things for marriages.

Even if sometimes the foundations of the marriage are not good, the challenge is to keep on learning and changing.

With time and perseverance your relationship on every level can be more passionate than when it started!


Myth #2: Marriage and romance are just like the movies or the famous Beatles' song love “All we need is love.

This can't be farther from the truth of what real love and real life in marriage looks like! Relationships take work. The feelings of love will not hold you through a marriage.

In fact, feelings can be fleeting.

Marriage needs a strong foundation based upon lasting truths to help couples outlast superficial pleasures and excitements.


Myth #3: Once I'm married, my sex-life will be great!

There are a lot of taboos and unhealthy belief systems around sexuality that can prevent a couple from connecting intimately on the sexual level. These taboos need to be addressed and discussed.

When good communication is fostered with the husband and wife around their sex-life, intimacy and trust will grow.  

We created this course for singles and engaged couples as well!


These 40 sessions will help singles and engaged couples prepare for marriage. Singles will be empowered by not only knowing what to expect, but also knowing what to look for in a spouse and what pitfalls to avoid. 

We strongly advise for engaged couples to counseling BEFORE their wedding day...

When engaged couples follow this course, they will be will be well on their way towards a healthy marriage! 

What better way is there to prepare for a successful marriage?

Skeptical? Welcome to the club!


Back in the early 2000s, we also wondered if our marriage could last. The thousands of couples we've counseled often shared this pessimism.

Oftentimes, they've already gone to counseling and feel like everything they've tried has not worked. They are on the verge of giving up... 

Here are some of the questions we've received from couples who have felt this hopelessness...


It's too late for us...
Our response:
We just need you to agree to try one last time - there is always this one last hope with God.
“Counseling is only for crazy people.
Our Response:
“We are body, soul and spirit. With counseling, we work on the soul and spirit to be better - which helps the whole person.
“I don't have an issue. My wife is the problem. I don't need help.
Our Response: 
“It takes a brave man to do the right thing for his wife.

Have you almost lost all hope?


Maybe you've been married for several years and have started having children but your dream of being the ideal Christian couple seems a distant dream instead of being a real part of your life.

You used to be best friends and deeply in love, but now you are becoming enemies...

Do you feel like you are at a turning point?

Do you have a hard time understanding each other and no longer feel heard?

Do your conversations often turn into explosive arguments?

Do you put so much effort in only to see very few results?

Do you often question your life and your choices

Do wounds from the past often resurface and cause pain?

Do you feel like you're at a dead end?

Are you doing everything you know to do to make it work but it's never enough?

Is your sexual intimacy suffering and it is becoming less and less frequent?


It's not over yet!

There's hope because God has the power to restore what today may seem impossible to save.

Trust Him and believe that in Him HOPE can be reborn!


I'm ready to transform my marriage!
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The good news is that our course Developing a Healthy Marriage will give you practical tools to building your relationship on a solid foundation!


You will learn how to transform your marriage into the vibrant, healthy relationship you've always dreamed of experiencing!

These keys to staying in-love, understanding your spouse, Biblical roles in marriage, better communication, and experiencing sexual freedom in marriage will bring total transformation to your relationship. 

This course will help you to:  


Get the right perspective

You'll see how your views on marriage are causing strife

Learn how to deal with conflict

You'll discover the reasons behind the conflict you are experiencing and how to nip it in the bud even before it turns into a fight

Have fulfilling and satisfying communication

You'll experience freedom and satisfaction when both you and your spouse feel respected and heard

Enjoy sexual intimacy like never before 

You'll be able to say goodbye to the taboos and habits that are keeping you from connecting on a deeper level sexually

Know how to move forward with mutual goals

You'll be able to define your couple's common goals and put in place the means to achieve them

Better understand your spouse and his/her worldview  

Men come from Mars and women from Venus...

Here’s a sneak peak

of what you’ll learn inside the 8 core Modules of 

Developing a Healthy Marriage


Module 1: The Husband and Wife Relationship  

  • and God created the Woman...
  • What Baggage Did I Bring Into the Relationship?
  • Labels and Expectations 
  • The Love Triangle 
  • Biblical Roles in Marriage

Module 2: Balancing our Priorities

  • Priorities: A World Upside Down
  • My Personal Relationship With God
  • Me and My Spouse
  • Me and My Children
  • Me And... Everything Else?

Module 3: The Foundations of Marriage

  • The Covenant
  • Forgiveness
  • Trust
  • Friendship
  • Love

Module 4: Needs

  • My Needs and Love Language
  • Our Taboos: Minefield or Treasure Map?
  • The Woman's List
  • The Man's List
  • Commitment

Module 5: Emotions

  • The Fear Dance
  • The Love Dance
  • Self-Control
  • The Pressure Cooker
  • Emotionally Healthy

Module 6: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

  • Geographical Question: the Appomattox and Boxing Ring
  • Sports Question: Timeout!
  • Political Question: Boundaries
  • Objectives and Goals: Dedicated Time
  • Biochemistry: the Lovers Rendez-Vous

Module 7: Sexuality

  • Pornography: the Problem
  • Pornography: Solutions
  • The Divine Law of Unity: Our Body
  • The Divine Law of Unity: our Spirit and Soul
  • Sexual Intimacy: Practical Advice

Module 8: ...Closing Remarks

  • Marital Circumstances
  • God's Plan for My Life
  • God's Will for My Marriage
  • Action Plan
  • But... Now What?


You'll literally see your relationship transform and discover what it takes to succeed.   


When you both put in the work - you'll get results!

This course contains 40 videos... 
6 hours of content! 


When you register you will also receive the Course Manual.

The Developing a Healthy Marriage Manual works in conjunction with each video and provides assignments to help you apply what you are learning.


Lifetime Access!

Your purchase comes with lifetime access to all course materials. Your investment is risk-free with a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

Our average waiting list is 2 years for a one-on-one counseling appointment with us...


The good news is that you don't have to wait 2 years, you can take advantage of our teachings and start transforming your marriage today! 

We pack all our knowledge and counseling experiences into the modules of Developing a Healthy Marriage.

In this intimate setting, we share our expertise in practical terms with solutions that really work. 

One hour of relationship counseling costs about $100.


You can purchase the Developing a Healthy Marriage

course bundle for only $89!


What would normally cost thousands of dollars for one-on-one therapy, is available to you for the price of a night out at a fancy restaurant!

I want to start the Developing a Healthy Marriage course today!
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Because we want to maximize the transformation of your relationship, we offer the following bonuses: 


+ Staying In-Love for a Lifetime & Biblical Roles in Marriage

(75-page PDF - $12 value)


Do you sometimes feel like your love for your spouse is fading? In this first section you will find strategic tools that will enable your relationship to revive and thrive. Staying in-love for a lifetime is possible!

Does your relationship lack stability? Are you often confused about the role you play in your marriage? In this second section you will find practical tools to give you biblical clarity and send you in the direction you need to help your relationship thrive. 


+ Understanding Your Spouse & Overcoming Life’s Trials Together 

(55-page PDF - $12 value)


Understanding your spouse is the key to a happy marriage! Do you often question your ability to really understand your spouse? With the lessons and exercises we provide in this section, you will easily learn how to see things from their perspective and interact with your spouse in a way that leaves you both feeling heard and respected.

Life is full of trials and challenges. These obstacles can put pressure on a marriage. Is it possible to overcome your circumstances, no matter how difficult, and become an even stronger couple? We know it is possible and in this section you’ll learn how to be overcomers together!

These eBooks are meant to be an interactive journey with you and your spouse. It’s designed to be read and discussed together. Each chapter provides a new concept to help your relationship be the best it can be!

*The audio files are being edited to improve the quality of your listening experience and will be available very shortly.

Developing a Healthy Marriage IS for you if...

  • You want to fan into flame that glimmer hope that your marriage can be restored
  • You’re done suffering in your relationship
  • You’re tired of seeking marriage advice that goes nowhere and gives you no real tools to succeed
  • You’re willing to put in the work if it’s strategic and fits within your current life schedule
  • You don’t want to sink thousands of dollars into one-on-one counseling

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You’re looking for a magic pill to make your marriage better
  • You expect results without putting in the effort.
  • You have to WANT to build a strong marriage and be willing to put in the time and follow the steps to put what you learn into practice.

I just don't trust that this will work.”


We have 30 years of experience and have seen thousands of marriages transformed through the steps we teach. We have counseled couples all over the world. While each couple is unique, the solutions we offer are universal because they address the roots of the problem.


But we've been to counseling before...


We are "solution-oriented" therapists. We get to the root of the problem and give practical tools so that couples can see real change quickly.

In your journey to find a solution for your couple, there are a few factors that will help you, like: it's the right time, these are the right therapists, it's the right season... and this time it will work! It's never too late to try and just because it didn't work in the past, it doesn't mean it won't work this time! 

In your journey to find a solution for your marriage, there are some factors that will help you. They are: it's the right time, it's the right counselors, it's the right season, and this time it will work! It's never too late to try and just because it has not worked in the past does not mean it will not work this time!


How much time do we realistically need to put into this course for it to work?


The truth is it all depends. Are you both participating equally? Are you both willing to apply the material? These variables will affect how much time it might take before you both notice transformation in your relationship. Relationships take work and you both must be on board!  

We suggest you watch one or two video(s) a week. It is best to not rush through the course. We also suggest you follow along with the manual and complete each exercise in conjunction with the videos. 

Once the videos are completed, you can move on to our eBooks. They also have exercise that you can work on together.

Don't forget to have fun along the way! 

For a refresher, you can both listen to the audio of the course in your car or on any device.

Start Transforming Your Marriage Relationship Today!


Our Developing a Healthy Marriage Bundle includes:
+ The course manual  
+ The audio of the course  
+ The eBook "Staying in Love for Lifetime & Biblical Roles in Marriage
+ The eBook " Understanding Your Spouse & Overcoming Life's Trails Together" 

For only $89!

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You read that right. If within the first 30 days of your purchase you are not satisfied with what you have learned, simply send an email to our team [email protected], and we will refund your purchase

Developing a Healthy Marriage Bundle


All Inclusive

  • 40 lessons (8 Modules)
  • + Interactive Manual
  • + BONUS: Staying In-Love for a Lifetime & Biblical Roles in Marriage (PDF)
  • + BONUS: Understanding Your Spouse & Overcoming Life's Trials Together (PDF)
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