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marriage parenting rachel miquel dufour relationships Jun 18, 2021

I don't know your personal situation, but being a woman is a challenge regardless of one's culture and context of life. I remember a comment one of our sons, and his wife, made after they got married, that really made us smile: “There are so many responsibilities when you grow up. It's hard!” Yes, it is hard! And even more so when you are a woman. We wear so many different hats.

Have you ever seen those funny drawings of a woman with multiple arms, and even more labels with jobs titles, such as: nurse, counselor, cook, taxi driver, accountant, policewoman, etc. The roles and responsibilities accumulate and we face them head on, but we sometimes lose ourselves.

So no matter how many hats you wear, I would like to encourage you to take all of them off on a regular basis to take time for yourself.

Impossible, you say? Remember the safety precautions that flight attendants give before the plane takes off: “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping the people around you.” You must first have enough oxygen for yourself to then be able to give some to those you love.

Remain a woman first and foremost! Take care of your personal relationship with God. Take time to rest and take care of your body. Consider taking a short getaway for a few hours, or a couple days, to simply breath and focus on yourself. Set up a trade with women who surround you, and have similar responsibilities. For example: "If you take care of my kids for an afternoon, and allow me to rest, I will take care of your kids for an afternoon, and allow you to rest."

Time alone, away from your loved ones, does not mean that you don't love them anymore or that you love them poorly. Take a break, and a deep breath, regularly to remain yourself!

Rachel Miquel Dufour 


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