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Ideas for Raising Girls in Today’s World

parenting rachel miquel dufour Aug 27, 2021

Time has passed and the way a woman is perceived in today’s society has, thankfully, improved - she is finally liberated! It's incredible, if we take time to examine what "liberated" means.

  • A liberated woman is not a domineering woman who need to emasculate the men around her, in order to exists. 
  • A liberated woman is a woman that has understood her value, who had the opportunity to develop her abilities in a fulfilling way, and who pursues her dreams.

The modern woman often seems to always be on top of the game, in every area of her life.  No matter the circumstances, she does well at work, manages her family life masterfully, and remains feminine down to her nail polish. Everything seems so simple and yet . . . 

While traveling on a plane, a friend of ours had a conversation with a producer of pornographic films. This conversation profoundly moved us. To our friend's question, "How do you recruit an actress?”, the producer replied, "It's very simple, we look for girls who have daddy issues."

How is this possible? The suffering they endured at the hands of their fathers, deeply wounded their identity. It is still too often a part of the daily life of wonderful, but wounded women, who are hurting in the very depths of their being.

We want our girls to grow up in an environment that allows them to flourish, to discover themselves, without becoming women who castrate the men around them, or women who lack security in their identity. This fight is won, one day at a time, one heart at a time.

Thank you to all the parents, the single moms, the single dads, who invest in and bless their daughters in order to help them become women after God's heart.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve this goal:

  • Choose her name carefully. Every time you call your daughter’s name, you will have the opportunity to bless her.
  • Remind her daily that she is loved for who she is: "You are my darling daughter. What a gift of joy you are to us!"
  • Remind her of her value in her Heavenly Father's eyes: "He created you. You are a wonderful little girl."
  • Allow her to try sports and artistic activities, that excite her, so that she can discover her limits, her likes and dislikes, and what makes her dream.
  • If you're a dad, show her how a good man conducts himself with a woman, by respecting and loving your wife.
  • Be gallant with her, this will set the bar high, to prepare your daughter for her future relationships with the male gender.

What are your tips for raising a modern day princess?

 Rachel Miquel Dufour


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