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Are differences an obstacle?

marriage rachel miquel dufour relationships Mar 24, 2022
Are differences an obstacle?

What to do when the differences you have with your spouse seem to be more than you can handle? Often, our differences attract us to each other. However, what used to make things interesting and create sparks between us, can become very annoying over time. It’s true in couples, in families and in friendships. What was interesting, and intriguing, can become a barrier for the couple and lead us to see the other as an enemy. It can lead to the couple not understanding each other.

These differences, that we found interesting, can end up separating us, dividing us and giving us the impression that we will never make it. However, what if they were complementary to each other? What if differences allow couples to build a unity and something that is whole and benefits the couple?

A couple that works well is not a couple that always agrees on everything.

Working well as a couple means knowing how to respect the position of the other person. It’s a couple that will find common ground and be able to build a relationship that will go the distance. It’s important to remember that each person has the right to have different positions.

When we are different from someone else, we can acknowledge that God created both of us as a wonderful human being, no matter our differences.

Philippians 2:4: “Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. 

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