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Eric and Rachel Dufour


We have been serving God by providing marriage, family and relationship counseling for the past 30 years. We understand how unresolved relationship problems negatively affect the kingdom of God and so we are passionate to move the kingdom forward by assisting people to have the healthiest relationships possible. We are also sought after speakers, as we travel the world addressing conferences and making media appearances. 

As we began our church planting ministry in France in 1991, we focused on women in distress and drug addicts. In 2000, we and our five young sons left the safety of our passport country to answer the call of the great commission in a communist country in southeast Asia.

Serving God on the mission field was very challenging but He used our painful journey, through a life-threatening cancer and the depression that ensued, to shape our ministry. In 2008, the focus of our ministry changed. We moved to Colorado and began offering comprehensive marriage counseling to pastors and missionaries from all over the globe.

I, Rachel, have also published a book entitled Hurray for the Va-Jay-Jay: Female Sexuality from Cradle to Grave (a.k.a. Understanding Eve). In my book, I reaffirm that God is the author of sexuality, not Satan. My goal is to change the way women view their own bodies and sexuality.

"There is true beauty in what God is
thinking when it comes to sexuality. We
must reinstate sexuality as being first
spiritual, then emotional, then physical,
and above all, beautiful!"


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Does your marriage seem out of control? Do you feel like it'll never get better? Or maybe you simply want to learn how to develop a healthy relationship with your present or future spouse? Learn practical keys to
stay in-love for a lifetime!

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Are you uncomfortable with your sexuality? Has sex been a taboo topic in your home or church context? God, not Satan, is the author of sexuality! We are all sexual beings, whether we are married or not. Learn how to cultivate healthy sexuality in an over sexualized world.


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Are you struggling with addiction? Do you feel like there is no hope and it's impossible to change? Learn how to break free from the chains of addiction and walk in freedom!

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Are you struggling with your singleness? Do you hope to get married and need tools to teach you how to become successful in relationships? Learn how to navigate singleness with the challenges of today's culture!



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Does parenting seem like a struggle? Do you feel afraid that you are raising your kids wrong? Learn how to raise your children to love God and others!


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